Endodontics In West Kelowna, BC
Patients often do not visit their West Kelowna dentist as often as they should It’s recommended that you visit a dentist at least twice each year for an exam and a cleaning in order to keep dental issues at bay. If you experience pain in your mouth or any of your teeth, it is imperative that you see a Westbank Dental & Implant Centre dentist near you in order to get your teeth assessed. Pain can often be an indicator of tooth decay or an infection in the tooth, which can be treated by an endodontist.

When Should I Visit an Endodontist?
While the dentist may not be your favorite place to go, it is necessary to avoid getting invasive dental procedures to treat oral health issues that have worsened due to lack of proper dental treatment. You should see an endodontist if you notice sharp pains in teeth or have difficulty eating cold or hot foods or drinking beverages with extreme temperatures. Lingering sensitivity can also be a sign that you should visit a local endodontist for an exam and treatment.

Root Canal Treatment
The most common treatment performed by endodontists is a root canal. When patients hear root canal, they often associate it with the removal of teeth. However, a root canal is performed in order to save the teeth and relieve patients of pain and sensitivity that could be caused by an infection in the root canal of teeth. If the pain is sudden or severe, be sure to schedule an appointment as soon as possible.
Preserve Your Oral Health
The dentist may seem scary at first, but we make sure that all of our patients are comfortable and can get the care and treatment they need to maintain their oral health. We provide a comfortable environment and a fun dental experience for patients of all ages, so feel free to come in and schedule an appointment.
If you are interested in learning more about endodontics and how a specialized dentist can save your teeth, contact a Westbank Dental & Implant Centre professional in West Kelowna in order to receive an assessment and treatment for your teeth.


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